Short Term rentals, simplified 


An integrated solution to manage platform distribution, revenue and operations, all in one place. 

All the best technology in one software plus expert service.

With over 32 technologies to choose from, we have hand selected the very best, to deeply integrate with them, bringing everything in one place. 

If you're still tight for time however, you can use our service option, so we can do the hard work for you - taking care of onboarding, platform listing, revenue management and reservations. So you can focus on what you do best: hosting guests.


Increase your sales, not your costs

Global Distribution

40+ platforms. Millions of Guests. One professional partner.

Higher Earnings 

Achieve higher occupancy & nightly rates with no fixed costs.

Preferential Access 

Improved platform rates and channels.

Better Focus 

No need for additional resource. Do what you do best, and we do the rest. 

Our distribution service is for businesses and individuals who: 

  • Own and manage anything from 5 -100+ properties for short term and holiday rentals
  • Manage high quality properties and provide exceptionally good service
  • Need to increase occupancy and income
  • Find it challenging to manage multiple listings across multiple platforms
  • Want to grow your business but don't want upfront cost or to increase resource
  • Want to remain independent

Hospiria Award-winning Company

Hospiria was fortunate to win the 2022 Scale Up Awards for Disruptor of the Year and has been shortlisted for the Urban Tech Challenges - Property and Real Estate technology in 2022 and National LIS Show for Proptech company of the Year  in 2022. 

Powerful tools to maximise your profits

Packed with useful features, Hospiria will save you time and maximise your income

See all your vital information, statistics and trends in one dashboard

  • Real-time visibility of your portfolio's key performance indicators
  • Company tab - see your whole portfolio or filter by locations, buildings etc
  • Booking platforms overview integrated with Rentals United access to all the top leisure and corporate platforms
  • View your top 10 performing properties

Hospiria is the only platform to capture and store data in real-time on a nightly basis, giving our partners greater insight into their commercials as well as flexibility over how they review the performance of their portfolio.

Visibility across your entire portfolio with Hospiria

  • Multi-calendars allow for flexibility of dates all with the click of a button
  • Smart Availability Search function opens new opportunities to help fill voids through the low season and periods of uncertainty
  • Through our integration with PriceLabs, property managers can benefit from intuitive features like dynamic pricing to ensure their properties achieve the best possible income throughout the year

Through our multi-channel distribution network which includes some of the world’s leading leisure and corporate platforms, our partners can reach a much wider audience, drive more revenue, and maximise occupancy all year round.

Hospiria has easy to digest financial breakdown for each individual booking

  • Property managers have complete flexibility over deposit management for properties
  • We reduce the administration for your team with a quick glance you can see all revenue and cost breakdown for bookings
  • Email tools and templates for enquiry management and other guest communications that can be pre-filled, easing the burden on operation and sales teams

With Hospiria’s multi-calendar and smart availability search, our partners have the necessary tools to help increase occupancy levels through flexible pricing strategies and being able to accommodate last minute enquiries.

Hospiria manages all the heavy lifting for your operations team

  • We ultimately provide an end-to-end guest management experience where everything is run from one platform
  • Our Smart Schedule intuitively reads from the calendar what bookings are coming up and can determine what operational tasks are required
  • Hospiria’s Smart Schedule integrates with additional tools such as KeyNest and Breezeway, further enhancing your operational set up

Our bespoke configuration set up is built to reduce the day-to-day administration from your team 

Coming Soon

Direct Bookings 

Our direct booking widget will allow you to take reservations on your website and manage the process through Hospiria.


Unified Inbox 

A one-stop shop to manage all your guest communications irrespective of what platform the booking was on, you’ll be able to easily respond in real time. 


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