Our Integrated Partners

There are 140,000 professional short term rental companies globally, On average, they use a software system that offer 32 different integrations, all trying to reach more than 40 platforms. It’s an understatement to say that the sector suffers from technology overload.

In fact, trying to distribute your short-term accommodation business these days is like entering a jungle without the tools to cut through it, or the map to know where you’re going. 

Too many property managers are suffering from technology overload – unsure how to maximise their income without having to set up a whole team to understand everything; or struggling to keep up with the bookings they have while jumping between 5 or more different systems.

How Hospiria helps

This is where Hospiria comes in. Hospiria was founded to save property managers from the tech jungle.  

We provide the tools through our technology platform, and through our optional service package our know-how provides the map. 

We’ve carefully selected the best technology partners, integrated them deeply into Hospiria, and even better – they all come included as part of the subscription. No additional fees, no additional contracts, no need to onboard the same property 5 different times.

This is our brief overview of these partners and how using them with Hospiria can help you scale and manage your business. 

Rentals United

Rentals United is one of the leading vacation rental channel managers out there. A longstanding company, they are often the first to integrate to major platforms, have some of the deepest and most capable connections, and their added focus on niche channels means that you can distribute your inventory to the specific channels you need. Leisure, business, longer stay or shorter, they have the options. 

Even better, they’re always open to new channels. If you see a channel you’d like to be on that isn’t on their list, let us know and we’ll ask them to put it on there for you. 

All partners are distributed via Rentals United in all packages, and there’s no limit to the platforms except your own appetite.


Using Pricelabs is like having your own personal genie – but you aren’t limited to three wishes. Introducing dynamic pricing to your portfolio can increase your occupancy and your rates. You will sell more in the low season by finding the right market price, but also at higher prices in the high season because they automatically read spikes in the market before you could even tell they’re there.  

You can control the minimum price, base price, minimum length of stay, and some other core dynamic pricing features from Hospiria – and again, that’s all included in the Standard and Premium packages. If you’d like to do advanced revenue management by yourself, you can additionally integrate your own account.

The response rate of Pricelabs and their willingness to develop really excellent tools over our years of partnership means we think they’re perfect partners for pricing.


Breezeway is the must-have operational toolkit. We’ve worked with them since their earlier days, and they continue to build out some great functionality. Hospiria has a really powerful integration with Breezeway, with the ability to create properties, de-activate them, and most importantly – push tasks. This means you can use the Smart Scheduler in Hospiria and send out tasks to your team in the field without leaving that page. No more switching tabs!

Our integration with Breezeway is provided as part of our Premium package.


If you’re an urban operator with a distributed portfolio of homes, you’ll know how hard it is to manage keys efficiently. Keynest solves that conundrum by providing a secure way to keep keys close to your properties in a large selection of locations. Our integration with Keynest means you can check the status of your keys and generate collection codes and address details all within the Smart Scheduler. And then you can push that information directly into Breezeway. Neat, huh?

As one of the more custom integrations that’s only useful for certain partners, Keynest is a separate subscription but we can introduce you to the best deal.

Laundryheap / NestAngel

Having begun life as a Property Manager, we know well the importance of efficient linen and toiletry deliveries. Laundryheap (NestAngel is its B2B name) is one of the leading companies in this sector, and the provide high quality Berendsen linen on demand. As a longstanding partner, Hospiria will be among the first to integrate with their ordering API, meaning you can order the precise linens and toiletries you need, and arrange their delivery time, right from – you guessed it – the Smart Schedule. 

As an operational cost you’ll need your own account with them to connect to, but again we can introduce you to get you set up.


Stripe is one of the leading companies in the payments space, and has quite a cult following among investors, techies and, well, anyone interested in people building the future of the internet. Their aim is to “build the infrastructure of the internet”, and they’ve been increasingly building out the ability to do that, enabling direct payments, split payments, direct debits, point-of-sale terminals and more. When you sign up to Hospiria we’ll automatically create a Stripe payment account for you, so you can receive payments from guests (or via us) directly.  

Why do we celebrate the partners we work with so much?

There are broadly three ways you can go in the short-term accommodation sector.

  1. You can use an all-in-one provider, who builds everything themselves
  2. You can stitch together a whole suite of specialist tools
  3. You can build a bespoke system

Hospiria is essentially a hybrid of 2 and 3. There’s no use re-inventing the wheel ourselves – or pretending we do everything while secretly using other platforms under the hood. But we also think that trying to piece together your own system across hundreds of different technology products is an exhausting process and full of pitfalls. 

So we have taken the care to build a bespoke system that carefully integrates the best providers on the market in a deep and intelligent way, giving you the ability to use their capabilities without having to hop between tens of tabs.  

Who else should we work with?

We’re in the process of integrating into a select few other partners, and if you think there are other specialist tools that you’d like to see integrated into Hospiria please let us know below. 

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