Hospiria is the only platform to capture and store data in real-time on a nightly basis, giving our partners greater insight into their commercials as well as flexibility over how they review the performance of their portfolio.

Bookings Reservation Management

With Hospiria’s multi-calendar and smart availability search, our partners have the necessary tools to help increase occupancy levels through flexible pricing strategies and being able to accommodate last minute enquiries.

Platforms Distribution  & Marketing

Through our multi-channel distribution network which includes some of the world’s leading leisure and corporate platforms, our partners can reach a much wider audience, drive more revenue, and maximise occupancy all year round.

Smart Schedule Operations Management

Hospiria’s smart schedule provides an end-to-end guest management experience, which handles all of the heavy lifting. Through a bespoke configuration set up, the schedule will automatically generate tasks from personal check-ins to key drop off and interim cleans – all of which can be 
assigned to a specific member of the team.

Guest Communication

Alongside the ability to create auto-email templates which can be sent to guests at specific points of their booking journey, our unique pre-check-in form allows our partners to capture additional information such as arrival and departure details and security deposits as well as providing an opportunity for upsells.

Top Performing Properties

Properties are the beating heart of what we are doing and within this section, you will have visibility over your entire portfolio – which properties are active, and which are currently being onboarded. Partners can capture all of the necessary information for each property - from amenities to photos and the description for platform listings – allowing for better distribution and operational management. 

Property managers also have instant visibility over their top performing properties within the portfolio – the revenue generated, number of bookings taken and the average length of stay.

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