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101 - Hello Hospiria, Hello World

Hello there, and welcome to the new Hospiria blog. 

This blog will be home for regular communication from Hospiria to our Partners, and also for speaking about the travel world beyond. 

Over time we hope this will prove to be a valuable resource, enabling you to meet the team behind the platform, providing added insights into the broader vacation rental and travel accommodation worlds, and helping property managers and others navigate the constantly evolving market. 

In particular we will cover a few areas:

  • About Hospiria - explaining the broader mission of Hospiria, the team behind it, and any broader announcements we need to make. If ever there is some important news about us, we'll also include that here.
  • Technology - To provide a regular insight into our technology, the technology of the sector more generally, and how property managers can make the most of either. We will also provide release notes every time we update something on the platform.
  • Insights - To provide a Hospiria view and insight into the sector. We really want to add value to how people think about and understand the travel world, not just talk about ourselves. This should be where we do that. If we do it right, this should be one of the biggest categories.
  • Sector trends - Trends is a sexier word than news, but this will be a mix of news, insights from other places, interesting things etc. We will focus on broader trends, not just "what happened this week".
  • Other - Nothing looks as lonely as a post that is "uncategorised", but we'll always have some that don't neatly fit into the above buckets. These posts will live here together, and they can feel just as part of the family as the other posts!

Over time we'll build out a comments feature. If you'd like to ask us anything, or request we cover a particular topic, you can reach us at hello@hospiria.com, or you can contact us here.

We hope you enjoy the show.