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The Best Websites To Advertise Your Rental Property On In 2022

When a tenancy ends or you have a new property, you want to find a new tenant as soon as possible. After all, you want the property to be occupied to help you make a significant income. But ensuring you have a good quality tenant on a short-term or long-term basis begins with finding one. While recommendations are key to growing your client base, advertising online is so important to ensure you get a new tenant.

But to start with, the first place that you should advertise your rental property is on your own website. You should ensure the property is added with good photos, videos and information and use SEO tools to ensure you get a better ranking on your site.

However, you should also use rental listing sites to advertise your listing. They have a great client base and get your rental out to a wider audience. But with so many website options, it can be hard to choose which one to use to advertise your listing. Therefore, here is our guide to the best websites to advertise your rental property on in 2022.



Airbnb is one of the most well-known and popular rental listing platforms on our lists. It’s grown exponentially since the lifting of restrictions with more people than ever wanting to enjoy a vacation. With millions visiting the site, you have a great number of potential tenants viewing your property. Airbnb has an easy-to-use system to upload your property and can help you when it comes to pricing, taking into consideration cleaning and maintenance costs. They also act as a go-to point for the tenant and can help if you have problems regarding an unpaid fee or problems after their stay. 

But do keep in mind that as there are approximately 4 million hosts on the site, you are competing with others. Moreover, another potential issue with Airbnb is it is mainly for short-term rentals.


Trusted Stays

Another site which is good to advertise your rental is Trusted Stays. When you advertise on this site, you will be connected with professionals who are looking for a rental for work purposes. They will be a reliable, trustworthy form of a tenant who will pay higher prices for great accommodation. It’s also ideal for finding those looking for properties for business travel. They can stay at your property while working at a different site. 

Trusted Stays only have the highest quality accommodation on their site and have the best professionals looking for accommodation. They will give you access to corporate tenants and access to the GDS which is a reservation tool for travel agents. Therefore, you will be found by those looking in that industry. The system is easy to use and there is no listing fee.



Another platform where you can advertise your rental listing is UnderTheDoormat. Primarily listing luxury rentals, your rental will be viewed by the tenants willing to pay a high rate for good quality accommodation. The platform is easy to use and allows you to highlight your property with all the benefits as well as to upload beautiful photos. 

When you upload your property, you can access the fully managed service. You can contact the homeowner team who will manage your listing and ensure your home stays in good, clean condition. They also offer good insurance just in case anything occurs on your property. You can also have complete control of the calendar so you are in charge of who stays at your property.



Trip Advisor

As the world’s top travel review site, everyone checks Trip Advisor before they make their travels. It’s also known for booking properties for your vacations and this makes it a good place to list your property. It’s free to list and you can add your details easily on the site. When potential tenants search on the site for vacations, they will find you easily and then can make contact with you to book the property. You get the guarantee of safe payment as they book it through the site. It’s also available worldwide. However, it’s worth noting this is more for short-term rentals rather than long-term tenancy. 



Another popular site when it comes to advertising your property is Booking.com. This is one of the most popular sites when it comes to booking hotels and vacation properties. There are over 6.4 million properties listed on the site so it’s a good idea to advertise your property among these. It’s a quick, easy procedure to get your property on Booking.com. You can set rules and add damage deposits as necessary to help protect your property. You also get protection against liability claims. 



A great online marketing channel, Trivago is a great choice to list your property. You list the information about your property including adding the best photos and all the information about your rates. The more your property stands out in its profile, the better. The property is then added to the popular comparison sites and will come up when one of their many viewers compares properties in a particular area on the site. With a metasearch format that works well, your property could be seen by millions of viewers.



Expedia is known as one of the most popular travel marketplaces on the internet. From flights to hotels, they have everything everyone needs to book their trip. Therefore, it’s a good idea to advertise on this site to find new tenants for your property. They have over 3 million properties including hotels on their site and they have easy-to-use tools to help build your listing. As the brand is well-known, people trust booking a property on this site. With over 750 million visits across the globe, this is a great site if you are looking for short-term tenants for your property.


Silver Door

Silver Door is the perfect site to advertise your property if you are hoping to reach tenants who are looking for corporate properties. They are a trusted company and have a great reputation so will help you gain a reputable tenant. With worldwide potential tenants, they will easily be able to use the site to find your property. Specializing in serviced apartments, your property will stand out and will be seen by those willing to pay higher rates. Whether they are looking to relocate or stay for business travel, they will find you on the site. And the site will deal with any queries for you ensuring the tenant is looked after as well as the vendor.