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How To Write the Perfect Property Offer Letter

When it comes to finding the right property, it’s not as simple as just buying it and then you owning it. The property market, particularly after the pandemic has grown and expanded. Therefore, there is a lot of interest in buying properties and it’s now a highly competitive market. 

So, when you have found the right house that meets all your requirements, it’s time to make an offer. To do this, you need to write a property offer letter. Here is everything you need to know to produce the perfect property offer letter to buy a property.


What exactly is a property offer letter?


The first thing we need to clarify is what exactly is a property offer letter. After all, you might not have had to write one of these before when buying a property. This is where instead of verbally giving your offer, you write it in a letter along with enticing them into choosing you to buy the property. 

It’s normally a professional yet friendly letter which allows you to expand on your points on why you are the right person for the property. 

You will write this and give this to the real estate owner who will then discuss your letter with the seller of the property.

While a lot of people are used to giving their offer just over the phone or in person to the estate agent, this is becoming a more popular way to give an offer and to make your intentions loud and clear that you are interested in the property. 

The estate agent also prefers this form of an offer as it’s a lot more formal and they can clearly show the seller exactly what offers have come in. 

Why should I write a property offer letter?


There are several reasons why you should write a letter when making an offer on a property.

It makes you look more serious with your offer


Having the offer in writing feels a lot more professional than when just saying the price over the phone to the estate agent. It helps you to look more serious about the property and reassures the seller that you are sincere with your offer to buy the home. After all, you are writing an official letter giving your intention of buying the home with a specific amount and this should be written down to confirm your decision to buy the property.

It helps to build a connection with a seller 


Writing a property offer letter enables you to start a relationship with a seller. After all, when you just pass on an offer through the estate agent, you have no opportunity to sell yourself as the potential buyer of the home. 

With a letter, you can ensure you make your point across about why you want to buy the house and can appeal to the seller. 

For instance, if you grew up in the area you can refer to this in the letter and it might resonate with the seller. Or if you want to complement the owner on certain aspects of the house which you find appealing, this will also help your case to buy the property.


It gives you an opportunity even if you are not the highest bidder

If the seller is passed on a list of names with offers, they are likely to just go with the highest offer. But if you get your opportunity to introduce yourself and fight your corner, you are likely to get a better shot at buying the property, even if your offer is lower than others. 

Therefore, writing a letter allows you to be in the running for the home and will potentially give you a higher chance of being the owner.



What makes the perfect property offer letter?


So, what makes the perfect property offer letter? Here are some things you need to include.

Introduce yourself

The first thing you need to do is to introduce yourself to the seller. You are no longer a faceless bidder; this is your opportunity to tell them exactly who you are. 

Therefore, you should include your name and the other members of your family. Introducing your family members gives the vendor an insight into exactly who you are and will let them envisage who will be living on the property. 

After all, they are likely to want to know who they are giving their home to after getting attached to it over the years.

You might want to include your current address too. That way, they can get in touch if they need to. It’s also worth writing specifically to the owner and including their name in the letter. 

This instantly gets you on a name basis and allows you to be friendly yet professional within your offer letter.

State your offer

The next thing you need to do is state your offer on the property offer letter. After all, they need to see in black and white exactly what you are offering for the property. 

This will ensure there is no doubt exactly what you are proposing so there is no confusion over the price put forward to the seller. You could have even put on the letter exactly how you plan to pay this money.

After all, they want to know your serious and have the funds to pay for it. So you can say through the sale of your house and discuss what stage you are at. Or stating you are a first-time buyer or a cash buyer. 

Putting this in the offer letter for the property will ensure they take you seriously as a contender. You don’t need to get into what loans you are getting, but giving them an insight that you are in the stages of moving will help them to take you seriously.

Explain your reasoning for moving

The next thing you need to do in the letter explains briefly why you want to move. You don’t want to make the letter too personal or divulge too much information. 

But a brief explanation such as wanting to move to a nicer neighbourhood or looking for a family home might resonate with the seller. You are giving them a little more information about you and why you would like to move. It will help to reassure them that you do want the house and are unlikely to pull out during the sale.

Show your interest in the home 

It’s always a good idea to be complimentary about the home in the offer letter. After all, you want them to know how much you love the house and how you can see yourself owning the home. 

You might want to add details such as how much you love decorating in certain rooms or how they have landscaped the garden. It’s always worth talking about what you found appealing and what attracted you to the property. It shows that you are interested in the home while also giving them compliments at the same time. 

Remember to keep it genuine though so it doesn’t overwhelm the owners.

And while you might want to do work in the home if your offer is accepted, don’t include this in the letter. After all, they might not take it kindly if you criticize their property and you could lose your chance of moving into the property.

Do sign off clearly and personally

After making your points about why you love the home and why you are the right person to buy it, do make sure you sign it off clearly. 

You want to ensure they know it’s from you directly and you have written it yourself. That way, they know you are being genuine and that you do have a real interest in the home. 

As well as writing your name, it’s worth signing it when you have a physical copy in front of you. That way, it’s still formal and professional as an official property offer letter.

While you could email it over to the estate agent, it’s more professional to print it out and post it. That way, it looks more formal and can’t get lost. However, it isn’t legal so you can email it over if this is the easiest way to get it over to the estate agent and the vendor.



Free Sample Property Offer Letter


Here is an example of how your property offer letter should be structured:


Dear (Seller’s name),


I hope you are well. I have been looking for the ideal property to purchase, and I recently came across yours listed at (Address). From the expansive windows and welcoming light to the spacious closets and modern kitchen, I knew immediately that it was the one for me. 


Due to this, I would like to formally make an offer for your property at the asking price of (Price). I have already spoken to a mortgage advisor and received approval, which means I am ready to confirm this purchase immediately. I can also work with you to find a suitable closing date that meets your needs as well. 


I have been searching for the right property for so long, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first found yours. It is the perfect house to settle down in, and I want to create everlasting memories with friends and family that will stay within the four walls forever. 


One thing I would like to coincide with this offer is an appraisal. If everything is up to scratch, we can move forward as soon as possible!


Please let me know if you accept my offer by (Date).


Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to call your property my home.



(Your Name)