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The Most Unique Vacation Rentals On The Market

Short-term rentals are gaining popularity with travellers across the globe choosing to stay in one of these for their break away. One reason for this is that they are a lot more spacious than hotel rooms. You often will have a lounge area and a whole kitchen which is a luxury when it comes to hotels. They also are a lot more affordable for longer stays. If you would like a two-week stay, it works out at a cheaper rate. Also, you have the opportunity to stay in something unique which is appealing to travellers. Whether you are looking for a cottage, an apartment or a villa, there are lots of different types when it comes to vacation rentals.

While hotel rooms can offer similar accommodation with the standard of the room, you can get a whole new experience from a short-term rental. There are some new and unique offerings which are a true experience when you are looking for a vacation rental. You will have an unforgettable stay. If you are looking for a cool and unique vacation, here are the most unique vacation rentals on the market. 

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho USA

It’s no secret we love our pooches and want them there when we head away on holiday. But how about staying in an actual dog? The Dog Bark Park Inn which is situated in Idaho is a spectacular accommodation for those dog lovers out there. Beautifully designed, the accommodation is an artistic masterpiece by Dennis Sullivan and his wife Frances Conklin. It’s shaped like a beagle with every detail clearly on display. It’s not just the exterior which is themed around dogs. The inside of the Dog Park inn is memorable for those looking for a unique experience with their beloved pooch.

There is lots of doggy art, some games and pillows which are all themed for dog fans. Your pooch will have a great time as well as you if you choose this short-term rental for your next holiday. And you will love to get photos of the accommodation when you book a stay too.


The Bus Stop, East Lothian Scotland

A unique experience that will be unforgettable, why not stay on a bus? This might not sound appealing, but that is because you haven’t seen this beautifully designed vacation rental situated in East Lothian in Scotland. Named The Bus Stop, the beautiful rental uses several buses for accommodation purposes. Inside the buses, the seats no longer remain and have been replaced with several luxurious features. From king-size beds to outdoor decks with hot tubs, they are now filled with great features that let you have an unbelievable stay.

The buses are situated in a scenic location of a farm which overlooks the Lammermuir Hills and there are two available to rent for short-term lets. Not only is this a great idea on how to restore vintage buses, but it’s also a brilliant idea for a unique accommodation. You can even do some star watching from the roofs of the buses which is beautiful at night. There is also plenty of area for relaxing right next to your bus accommodation.


Sweet Escape House, Orlando, Florida

For something quite sweet, you will want to visit this Sweet Escape House which is located in Orlando, Florida. This place is for large groups with the property designed to host up to 52 guests which are ideal for large families or friends. It also has five acres of land so there is plenty of space for the kids to run wild. But the most unique, enticing part of the accommodation is that it’s all based on sweets. The pool at the property is shaped like an ice cream which is unique and there are bedrooms which are named after sweet treats such as Milky Way and Bubble Gum. 

For something even more special, there is even an escape room which allows guests to enjoy a human Candyland game named the Sweet Escape House. If you visit for a stay with the children, they will love all these sweet-inspired extras and adults will also adore this unique accommodation which is uniquely designed and ideal for those with a sweet tooth.


Caher Castle, Galway, Ireland

Do you want to stay in your very own castle for the night? With Caher Castle in Galway which is in Ireland, you get to have an experience of a lifetime with a castle stay. The stunning castle was first built in the 1400s and is packed with history. You can book the castle and get a unique chance of experiencing being the king or queen of a castle for the night. While it still has original features, the accommodation does have all the modern facilities for a wonderful stay with Wi-fi and heating.

You will love exploring the castle with all the unique features such as the arched doorways and windy staircases. While the castle has been updated over the years, there is a lot which remains original from the 1400s. There is even a bath in the middle of the living room area. With stunning surroundings, you will have great views of Galway when you stay at Caher Castle which is a unique offering for your next vacation.


Riding House, Dorset, England

Those who love riding horses will be in their element in this unique vacation rental located in Dorset, England. This has been themed to perfection with everything designed for riding fans. There are leather saddles on display and the accommodation has been themed to keep the details of a stable block from the 17th century. While it’s been updated to now be a rental, it still keeps unique features. It now has eight bedrooms allowing plenty of people to stay in the riding house. 

Horse fans will love the bronze horse head which is in the entrance hall. Some country-style extras are unique and a sight to behold. The perfect place to explore Dorset while enjoying a unique experience that horse fans will love.


Photographers Studio, Jaipur, India

Situated in beautiful India, this place is picture-perfect with a photographer's studio feel to the whole vacation rental. You can tell this accommodation has been designed to perfection with a photographer’s outlook. There is plenty of light in the whole accommodation and there is stunning art and finishings which are all fittingly placed to offer a photogenic feel to the place. It feels like it’s Instagram ready soon as you enter the accommodation.

With the opportunity to explore Jaipur, you will have a gorgeous base with this one-bedroom flat which has every detail fitting to ensure your photographs are amazing when you return from your break.


Historic Firehouse Suite, Wilmington, North Carolina

While you might not want to fight fires, you can still enjoy a unique, wonderful stay in your very own firehouse suite. Situated in Wilmington, North Carolina, this restored firehouse is now a 1,700-square-foot suite with plenty of places to get comfortable. It has two bedrooms with one being the original bunkhouse for the fireman. You can still see some of the original features on the exterior which makes it a unique and exciting place to stay,

Inside the firehouse, you will also find historic detail with the original brick walls and hardwood floors a treat for history fans. While original details remain, you still have everything you need for an enjoyable, modern stay including cable TV and Wi-Fi. Therefore, you get to enjoy a firehouse while having unique accommodation for your vacation at the same time. A great idea to still use a firehouse and an ideal option for a vacation rental.


The Ark, Springfield, Tennessee

For those who love boats, this beautiful accommodation is situated on an Ark. In gorgeous surroundings in the delightful area of Tennessee, you get access to an amazing 50 acres at the unique accommodation. With the likes of a treehouse and civil war cabin also on sight, you are surrounded by unique accommodation which will enable you to have a great stay. This beautiful ark still keeps its original features yet has been updated to let you have a wonderful stay.

The Ark now has space for up to four guests and has all the amenities you need such as Wi-Fi and TV included. The views are amazing and you have a great pond in front of you which you are allowed to fish at too. While you are only a half-hour drive away from Tennessee, you will enjoy the peace and quiet at this unique accommodation.


Lucky Ranch, Pyhatunturi, Finland

Fancy a night living like an Eskimo? If you visit the beautiful accommodation of Lucky Ranch, you get to experience your very own snow igloo vacation rental for the night. It’s a stunning accommodation option for those who don’t mind getting up close and personal with snow. While you get to stay the night in the igloo, you are provided with extras such as sleeping bags to help you stay cosy as the temperatures reach below zero. 

You can see stunning views of the Northern Lights if you are lucky from the Igloo and you also get the opportunity to take advantage of the activities on site such as canoeing and skiing. A wonderful one-off experience that will leave you melting.