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1.1 Understanding your Dashboard

1.1 Understanding your dashboard

When you log in to your Hospiria account, you will land on your dashboard. This is the best place to see a snapshot of property performance in one place. 

There are two options you can select for range type.

Date of Stay shows 12 key performance indicators for your properties and a table plotting the revenue and occupancy over the date range set. Date of stay is the best way to understand how much you are earning during a current period.

Date of Booking shows 8 key performance indicators and a table plotting the revenue and bookings received over the same period. Date of booking is the best way to see the booking flow and can be particularly helpful for seeing whether you are taking bookings at the pace you hoped to for an upcoming season. 

For the date range you have selected, the Bookings table shows your best performing platforms in order of total revenue the platform is earning. 

The Top Properties table ranks your best performing properties in order of revenue. You can click on the property name to be taken directly to the property details page. 

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