3.4 Performance

The property performance tab takes you to a dashboard that lists your properties and several performance metrics. The performance list will default to show all performance metrics. Click the icon on the left-hand side next to the property ID to select and change the metrics you would like to see.

There are three, pre-populated reports made for you so that you can access performance data easily. Simply filter to your required date range and then download the report into Excel format. 

The Earnings Report details the charges, commission, and income for each of your properties. This report is best used for seeing which of your properties provides the most monetary value.

The Performance Report takes a closer look at the nightly performance by breaking down the available and occupied nights, occupancy rate and average daily revenue.

The All Property Stats is the most detailed report. In additional to income and nightly performance, this report also includes some booking metrics such as average booking length, number of check ins and outs and longest booking allowing you to have a full overview of your property performance.

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