3.5 Groups and Tags

Groups are a way of grouping properties together to reflect that they are tightly connected. Individual properties may be in the same building, broader complex, or be sold in one combined listing on the platforms. Properties do not have to be identical to be grouped, but they should have a strong, unique connection. To reflect that these individual units are part of a greater whole, you can group them together. A property can only be associated with one group. 

Tags are a non-hierarchical, multi-select feature. Tags enable you to have commonalities across properties that are otherwise not connected. For example, completely independent properties may be commonly tagged as “family friendly”, “business friendly”, “economy”, “suitable for couples” and so on. 

To put a property into a group or to tag it, first you need to create the relevant Group or Tag on the Groups & Tags page. Then, when you are creating your property, you can select the groups and tags that you would like to associate with your property. When you are conducting an availability search, you will be able to include groups and tags to enhance your result suitability. 

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