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How to Become a Vrbo Host: 7 Key Steps

Want to earn some extra cash with your property or spare room? Well, becoming a Vrbo host could be the perfect solution! Vrbo, short for Vacation Rental By Owner, is an online marketplace that connects travelers with fabulous vacation rentals all over the globe. As a Vrbo host, you can rent out your home, apartment, or spare room to travelers and make some extra money while sharing your space. But how do you actually become a Vrbo host? 

In this article, we'll guide you through the simple steps to get started, from setting up your listing to handling bookings and welcoming guests. Let's dive in and get you on the path to Vrbo hosting success!


What is a Vrbo Host?


A Vrbo host is basically someone who puts their pad or spare room up for rent on the vacation rental platform called Vacation Rental By Owner, or Vrbo for short. Vrbo is an online marketplace that links travelers with all kinds of vacation rentals, from sweet apartments and cozy condos to epic houses and fancy villas. 

As a Vrbo host, you can make a listing for your property, set the rental rates you want, and handle all the bookings and guests using the platform. In a nutshell, you're offering up your home or space as a temporary vacation rental for travelers, and they'll be happy to pay you for it.


Vrbo Host requirements


You'll need to provide some essential information to get your vacation home or rental property listed on Vrbo. Here's what you'll need:

Rental Address: The first step is to provide the address of your rental property. This allows potential guests to see the location and decide if it suits their needs. Guests typically receive the exact address within a day of making a reservation.

Further Rental Information: You'll need to share details about your property, including its type, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and available amenities. This helps guests get a clear idea of what your rental property offers.

Pricing: Set the price per night, cleaning fee, and any additional charges like a guest service fee. These fees will be included in the total cost of the booking. To stay competitive, it's recommended to research similar properties in your area when determining your rental rates.

Images: Adding high-quality visuals of your property is crucial for attracting guests. Include photos and videos that showcase the exterior, interior, common areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any unique features your rental has.

By providing this information and presenting your property in the best possible way, you'll increase its appeal to potential guests on Vrbo.



How to become a Vrbo Host


If you want to become a Vrbo host and start listing your property as a short-term rental, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Register: Create an account with Vrbo by providing all relevant information, such as your name and email address.
  2. Upload a listing: You can now create a listing for your property and enter all the information about your rental that we mentioned in the previous section.
  3. Include some images: Make your listing stand out among the competition by including some high-quality images and some videos that highlight the best features of your rental.
  4. Set your calendar: You now want to receive bookings, so you need to access the calendar and let potential guests know which dates are free and ready for them to go forward with.
  5. Reply to potential guests: You should start receiving messages from potential guests asking about your property. Ensure you reply to each of them promptly and never take longer than 24 hours.
  6. Go through bookings: Once a guest has asked to stay in your rental, you must approve or decline it within 24 hours. You will then be able to contact the guest after you have confirmed they can stay with you.
  7. Receive payment: It’s now time for the exciting part! All payments through Vrbo should appear in your account around one business day after the guest has checked into your property. How long it takes to withdraw the funds will depend on your chosen payment method. Remember that you must pay a percentage to Vrbo, and there may also be booking fees.




Are there any Vrbo Host fees?

Yes, as a Vrbo host, there are fees associated with listing and renting out your property. The specific fees may vary depending on the country and region you are operating in. Vrbo typically charges hosts a commission on each booking, which is deducted from the rental amount you receive. The commission rate can vary and is usually a percentage of the booking subtotal.


Is there Vrbo Host support?

Yes, Vrbo provides host support to assist you with any questions or issues you may have as a host. They have a dedicated customer support team that can be contacted through various channels. 

One way to seek support is through Vrbo's Help Center or the support page on their website. They often have a comprehensive knowledge base with frequently asked questions and helpful articles that cover various host-related topics. You can also contact Vrbo's customer support directly for more personalized assistance.


What is the Vrbo cancellation policy?

Vrbo offers different cancellation policies for hosts to choose from, and the specific policy applied to a booking depends on the host's selection. As a host, you can choose the cancellation policy that best suits your needs and preferences. However, it's important to note that each policy has its own guidelines and potential implications for hosts and guests.


How much can you make as a Vrbo host?

The potential earnings as a Vrbo host can vary significantly based on several factors, including your rental property's location, size, amenities, demand, and pricing strategy. Additionally, the number of bookings and the length of stays can impact your earnings.