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What Do All Successful STR Airbnb's All Have In Common?

Airbnb is one of the most popular vacation rental sites on the planet, occupying an estimated 20% of the total market share in the industry. Owning an Airbnb can be an incredibly lucrative venture if it has all the features of a successful one. Owners need to remember that the Airbnb platform is a marketplace for guests to browse places to stay. For Airbnb owners to start getting bookings, a property, therefore, has to be appealing in order to be competitive with others. 


Property Style


The type of property people go for does depend on the reason they need a short-term rental. Anyone who rents out a single room may be solo traveling or simply need a place to crash for the night after a big event. However, single rooms do not bring in as much money as Airbnb listings with multiple rooms, a separate entrance, and private facilities. 

The property style can also determine the number of nights a guest will rent out your property for. It’s unlikely guests traveling as a couple or family will book a single room on Airbnb at all. For longer stays, properties that offer their guests multiple rooms with some self-catering facilities, a private bathroom, and a separate entrance are generally more appealing. Listings that have the label “entire property” are usually the most successful. 




Not all destinations have an abundance of accommodation options for guests to choose from. Guests will also have an idea about where they would like to stay and which amenities they need to be close to. For city rentals, properties close to tourist attractions or business hubs tend to be more successful than those situated in the suburbs, however, this is also dependent on the transportation connections between the suburb and the city as well as the purpose of your guest’s stay. 

The area in which an Airbnb property is located also makes listings more popular among booking guests. For example, in a coastal town, properties in close proximity to the beach will catch people’s eye, especially if guests are looking to book using the map feature on Airbnb. The key to taking advantage of your property’s location is to know exactly what the main draws for the area are. Successful short-term rentals make an effort to point out nearby attractions, airports, train stations, etc, making the location of the property an important factor for an Airbnb’s success.  


Right Availability


Another vital factor for Airbnb's success is to know when the peak seasons are and to understand when your property is likely to be in the highest demand for people to book. If your Airbnb property is in an ideal summer holiday destination, you need to make sure it’s available during peak summer months. Many Airbnb owners like to take some time out of the calendar, making the property unavailable for rental for a certain period of time. Successful Airbnb properties are only unavailable for a short period of time over the low seasons when it’s unlikely the area will be saturated by tourists. 

Being available in peak times when properties are in high demand also allows successful Airbnb owners to price their rentals competitively so they can optimize profit margins and get a good return on investment. Knowing when to make a property available for rental will also ensure property owners get a much-needed break. Running accommodation facilities requires a lot of time and effort which is why many people choose to pause their listing availability in low seasons.



Great photos & listing description


Successful Airbnbs also spend a lot of time making sure the property profile looks professional and well-run. The initial impression people get about the property comes directly from the photos they see on the listing. It’s therefore imperative that the photos advertising the listing show off the property in the best light possible. Most guests will look for properties that have the right amenities but are also visually appealing. Photos should accentuate the best physical attributes of the property and the facilities it offers. 

It’s often best to have photos taken during the day so that the natural light of the space highlights the open areas. Decor is also, therefore, very important in making an Airbnb marketable. A good listing description is also vital. The description should inform prospective guests of what they can expect upon arrival and during their stay. Successful Airbnb properties do not advertise falsely. A description needs to be factual, but also use language that is enticing and attractive to guests who are looking for their next accommodation booking. 

Good descriptions highlight the benefits of staying at a particular property and speak about the facilities that are close to the Airbnb property. These description points can include the distance from certain attractions such as the beach, nature trails, or inner city tourist attractions. This obviously depends on the location of the Airbnb property.  When a description sounds professional and is well written, it gives customers peace of mind that they will have a pleasant Airbnb experience. 


A professional look & feel top to bottom


To avoid negative reviews, it’s important to make sure an Airbnb property is run professionally and that it has the right feel for a short-term rental. Even the smallest details can enhance the professionalism of a property in a big way. For smaller properties, facilities such as a small kitchenette with tea and coffee available can make the biggest difference to the space. 

A professional look and feel also comes down to the cleanliness of the space. Successful properties have the property professionally cleaned regularly either after each rental or during the guest’s stay depending on how long they are planning on being there. For guaranteed success, attention to detail as a host is key. 




There are several factors that impact the success of an Airbnb property. Fundamentally, the property has to be professionally marketed and run to stand out from the competitive Aibrnb marketplace. If your listing looks the part and has an effective, inviting description, it’s likely that you will get more initial bookings. However, to maintain a good reputation and ensure you get consistent business, guests’ experiences of the property also have to be good. This heavily relies on the style and location of the property.