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A magnate developer delivering a feeling of home to the short stay rental industry

The Story

As a formidable development company in Nottingham, our partner noticed changes in the economy as early as 2018 and made the smart business decision to diversify their portfolio. After strategically underbidding 25 properties that they had carefully selected out of the 300 sites available, developers that overbid were forced to sell at a loss or deliver a sub-par development differing from their original proposal. It was in December 2018 that the Short Stay business model was adopted, with the purchase of a 150-year-old lace warehouse, Lace Market Apartments was born. 

The Challenge

  • Required a user friendly property management system
  • Swift distribution across multiple channels
  • Steady flow of bookings throughout the year
  • Quality and automated guest communication
  • Streamlining of operational facilities services

The Result

Lace Market Apartments originally managed their properties through two separate systems while Hospiria was able to deliver a robust end-to-end system that is intuitive and easy to use. Hospiria responds quickly to development requirements, allowing Lace Market Apartments the ability to do what they do best, manage 18 apartments in Nottingham with outstanding décor and interior design that provides all of their guests with a feeling of home. 

With Hospiria, Lace Market Apartments integrated with Rentals United for world-class distribution across all ideal channels. Although the latest trend is for guests to book their accommodation with shorter lead times, Lace Market Apartments receives a steady flow of bookings throughout the year with an increase of international travelers in the summer months. 

As a bona fide quality operator in the property space, with their own internal housekeeping facilities including a laundry on site, it was imperative that their system matched their efficient and top-class service. By streamlining communication with operations such as cleaning and maintenance, Lace Market Apartments has continued to provide a better service to guests and increased turnover year-on-year, for the past 4 years. 

Other Benefits

Currently the leading feature and Lace Market Apartments all-time favourite function is the Hospiria Multi Calendar. Providing an at-a-glance high level overview of confirmed bookings, availability voids and projections, Lace Market Apartments is able to make swift decisions that increase occupancy by providing special offers, relocation, extended stays or removing minimum stay requirements. 

Although not integrated with Breezeway, the smart calendar is another function that has improved guest relations, quality of service delivery and faster turnaround times for cleaning, maintenance, and audits. This  efficiency is reflective in their 8.9 rating with booking.com and 4.5 rating with Tripadvisor. 

The Impact

"Over this past year, Hospiria have provided us with an intuitive system that allows the effective management of multiple units and strongly supports our growth. We at Lace Market Apartments are highly impressed by how well Hospiria responds to their client market, really listening to our requirements with swift implementation of these ideal features and functions. This has enhanced our approach to property portfolio management, guest relations and providing our signature feeling of home." 

- Andy Churchill, Managing Director, Lace Market Apartments

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