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UnderTheDoormat increased occupancy by 35% within 90 days of launch with Hospiria

UnderTheDoormat is a London-based company that offers high-end short-term rentals of unique homes and apartments in the city. Founded in 2014, UnderTheDoormat connects homeowners who are away for extended periods with travellers seeking a more authentic and local experience during their stay in London. The company carefully selects and manages each property to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests. UnderTheDoormat's focus on quality and personalized service has earned it a reputation as one of London's top short-term rental companies, with a loyal customer base and glowing reviews. The company is committed to sustainability and social responsibility, and partners with local charities to support community initiatives in London.

Challenges and motivations ‘A high-growth portfolio with undependable property management solutions’

When Josef, Head of London Managed, first took charge of UnderTheDoormat's collection, he faced the same issues most short-let operators came up against: finding a reliable property management system for a rapidly growing portfolio.

In his search for the right platform, Josef trialed several other property management systems that were on the market. It was evident from the offset that no one solution was able to meet his requirements and the needs of the business.

Josef's main challenges ranged from driving revenue and occupancy through a multi-channel distribution network and the need for increased operational efficiency, with a specific focus on the on-boarding of new partners. Josef was spending far too much time carrying out manual tasks, ultimately preventing him from focusing on growth and customer service.

Results ‘An automated property management system designed for efficiency’

After only using Hospiria for a short time, Josef quickly realized that the platform was key to streamlining several key areas of the business. Hospiria's features helped Josef automate different operational processes - from guest communication to pricing and auto-deposit refunds - resulting in a smoother experience for both business and guests alike.

Josef was able to allocate time towards building more value for the business, as he no longer constrained by manual tasks. Hospiria's channel management integration allows guests to book their stay and receive all necessary details automatically, eliminating the need for Josef or his team to send them manually.

Other successful wins include:

  • Speed: Within 3 months of launch, occupancy across the portfolio increased by 35%
  • Benchmarks: After a year, our short and mid-let solution had netted one of our biggest clients an increased yield of 58% versus its long let target income
  • Revenue: With Hospiria's multi-channel distribution network, the Gross Booking Value across the portfolio increased by 42% in the first 6 months with the Average Booking Value increasing by 29%
  • Ease: UnderTheDoormat supported the setup of the units to be guest ready, with our bespoke home-ready guide and on-boarding program
  • On-boarding: With Hospiria's operational tools, the team were able to provide their clients with a 48 hour turnaround from signing to listing on the major platforms
  • Reviews: Due to improved operational efficiency, the team were able to commit more time to delivering a better service for guests, resulting in higher review scores

Additional benefits:

  • Data & Reporting: Hospiria's rich source of data through their dashboards allowed Josef and the team to analyse performance and decide on future actions to increase bookings and further enhance guest experience
  • API: Smart API integrations with STR leading tech to use all features in one place
  • Day-to-Day: Smart process automation, including scheduling for smooth operations
  • TrustedStays: In addition to generating occupancy and income, UnderTheDoormat were able to access TrustedStays to connect to the Global Distribution System - among the first in the world to bring apartment inventory onto this $50bn annual accommodation platform previously only accessible by hotels

Impact ‘More time to devote to driving value for the business’

Hospiria's intuitive application has been a game-changer for Josef and the team. Having a reliable Property Management System frees up our time from mundane manual tasks that would have been necessary without it. This enables us to concentrate on other crucial aspects of the business such as driving sales and performing income-generating tasks. It's a crucial element for us as it allows us to focus on the bigger picture without being bogged down by operational duties.

Hospiria also worked closely with Josef Caron and the UnderTheDoormat team on developing custom features that would benefit the business. "Hospiria is a fantastic multi-tool to maximize performance on our entire portfolio, having all the necessary features in one place. Distribution has never been this easy, allowing our teams to focus on delivering wonderful guest experience, with smooth operations, thanks to the unique modules that Hospiria has to offer" - Josef Caron, Head of London Managed - UnderTheDoormat.

Every client has slightly different needs. Our property management and distribution technology can be catered to meet yours. If you'd like to explore how Hospiria can generate additional income for you, please get in touch.