2.2 Users

On the users tab, you will see a list of your account users. 

There are two levels of users: Company & User.

Company:    An administrator from a Hospiria company. Has visibility of data from their own company.

User:             A homeowner or guest. Limited visibility of their own properties or bookings. 

Your Company users are the people within your company that you have given permission to access your Hospiria account. Anyone in the company should be assigned as Company level user and anyone at Company level can create another Company user and determine their permission. 

2.2.1  Set Up a New User & Permissions

When adding an account user, you can amend the permissions and restrictions that they have access to. Set up a new user, fill in the fields and select the permissions available to the user. 

A Company user can grant the following permissions to Manage; Settings (set and update company-wide settings), Attachments (upload and edit images and files), Bookings (import and update bookings and send pre-check in notifications), Properties (make changes to property details and blueprints), Users (allow user to make changes to user data) and View finance (see, view, and download the finance page data).

If you have all the above permissions, you will be a Company Superuser. We recommend having a maximum of 2 superusers. 

Users will be given an individual user ID. On the User list, click the ID to be taken to the user page. Here, you can edit and change the permissions and details of users.

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