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Pricing during uncertain times

At Hospiria, our raison d'être is to take the headache out of hospitality and simplify short term rental management. And it’s safe to say, nothing over the last 20 months has been simple! 

The benefit of working closely with various partners across the industry, is the relationships we’ve built with them over time.  Each one has been handpicked for being the very best in their category – and behind every technology is a cutting edge team, with a wealth of knowledge about their  area.

So, in the name of helping property managers navigate this difficult time, we’re launching our new content series ‘Hosted by Hospiria’ where we quite literally host chats with some of the industry best talent to discuss pressing matters.


For the first in the series, we caught up with Anurag Verma, Co-founder of PriceLabs to look at what the booking data actually shows when it comes to the changing booking habits of our guests and how it differs from rural to urban properties.

He also points out the trigger signs of a drop in confidence around the Covid situation and they discuss what can be done about it, to encourage people to book with you.

Watch the video or read more about the highlights here.

To find out more about how Hospiria and PriceLabs work together to provide property managers, visit our solutons page, or we'd love to hear from you directly - just fill out the form below.